2019 Emmy’s: Wendy Hallam Martin

Picture Editor Wendy Hallam Martin on her second Emmy nomination for her work on The Handmaid’s Tale.

DGC Ontario Picture Editor Wendy Hallam Martin is nominated for a 2019 Emmy award for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series for her work on The Handmaid Tale episode The Word. Wendy won in the same category last year. We spoke with Wendy about her second Emmy nomination and editing for the show. The 71st Primetime Emmy’s take place on Sunday, September 22nd at 8:00 p.m.

How does it feel to be nominated for your second Emmy for The Handmaid’s Tale?

I feel very honoured and thrilled that my work is being recognized on the world stage. I was surprised by this second Emmy nomination considering that I won last year. I thought my 5 minutes were up.

Why is “The Word” a stand out episode?

The Word is Season 2’s finale and a standout episode for several reasons. It was the perfect storm of a beautiful script by Bruce Miller, directed by the incredible Mike Barker and outstanding performances all round. The story speaks to the power of women. It showcases strength, fighting for what you believe in and making sacrifices for the greater good. It aired just as the #MeToo movement was in the spotlight.

What is the most rewarding aspect of editing Handmaid’s?

The most rewarding aspect of working on The Handmaid’s Tale is truly the challenge of making a scene the best it can be. It is the hardest show I have ever worked on because it is a POV show and therefore it isn’t cut like anything that I have ever done before. Our editing team that includes Chris Donaldson, Ana Yavari and Aaron Marshall also make this an amazingly rewarding show to be a part of.

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