Miranda De Pencier: The Magic Of The Grizzlies

Director Miranda de Pencier discusses her film The Grizzlies.

“As The Grizzlies is opening in theatres across Canada, I’m reflecting back on the many, many people who gave their hearts and souls to making this movie happen over 9+ years:

“It all began with the generosity and resiliency of the original Team Grizzly members from Kugluktuk and their coach Russ Sheppard.

“It is their inspiring story which penetrated the Writers, Key Creatives (including DGC Ontario Production Designer Zazu Myers, Picture Editors Ron SandersJames Vandewater, Supervising Sound Editor Paul Germann and Sound Editors Barry GilmoreBrennan Mercer and Susan Conley), Producers, Actors and every member of the crew — who all worked together to embody the enduring spirit and magic of The Grizzlies and helped bring this film to life. I can’t wait for audiences to feel all that love.”

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