Renuka Jeyapalan: Kim’s Convenience Season 5

DGC Ontario Director Renuka Jeyapalan had a busy 2020, directing the new season of Kim’s Convenience and upcoming shows Sort Of and Ginny & Georgia (premiering February 24 on Netflix).

With the premiere Kim’s Convenience airing last night, we caught up with Renuka to discuss the show’s 5th season, putting her creative stamp on the series, and why she loves working in Toronto.

Can you tell us more about the new season of Kim’s Convenience?

Laughs, antics, and Appa being Appa! All the things that audiences love about the show. The new season also has some shifting dynamics and some new character conflicts that will be interesting to see how they play out.

What is it about Kim’s Convenience that has resonated with audiences around the globe?

It’s a show about family and what’s more universal than that. There’s a real warmth and camaraderie on the Kim’s set that translates to the screen in spades, and I think audiences really connect to that chemistry amongst the cast. The show also puts a comedic spin on certain social tensions and topics, making them accessible and entertaining for viewers.

As you have directed episodes on multiple seasons of the show, can you talk about how you’ve put your creative stamp on this series? 

I put a lot of myself into anything I direct. And what originally drew me to Kim’s Convenience was the dynamic amongst the family. It was something I really connected to. So, I think mining some of those emotional layers beneath the comedy is what I bring to the show.

How did you get involved with the upcoming series Sort Of and Ginny & Georgia

I was hanging out with an actor friend of mine, and she had an audition for Sort Of the next day. She was telling me about the show, and I remember saying, “Oh, I’d love to watch that show,” and then I thought, “Wait, I’d love to direct it too!” I then asked my agent about it, and they put me forward for an interview. For Ginny & Georgia, I was on the production company’s radar, and they requested an interview. I had an absolute blast working on that show and can’t wait for audiences to see it.

What do you love most about directing TV in Toronto?

The crews! I’ve been directing television for the past 3-4 years now, and each time I’m on set, it feels like a new family. Toronto crews are incredibly hard-working and collaborative. It’s nice to go to work every day with people who love what they do.

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