Christine Armstrong: #BlackAF

Picture Editor Christine Armstrong on editing Kenya Barris’s #BlackAF in LA.

DGC Ontario Picture Editor Christine Armstrong recently completed work on Kenya Barris’s #BlackAF now streaming on Netflix. We caught up with Christine to discuss how she connected with Barris, working in a male dominated industry and how she is handling the pandemic.

How are you doing during this crisis?
This time has made me really reflect on my future, both personal and career-wise, as well as explore other creative skills like playing the piano and writing. It has its up and down days but I keep saying that this too shall pass.

How did you get involved with #BlackAF?

I was hired by show runner and creator Kenya Barris. We connected in LA and he asked me to work on his next new show with Netflix which was #BlackAF.

The view of the street from Christine's LA office

What did you take from your previous work to #BlackAF?

How much I love editing comedy! Also how nice it was to have a collaborative experience amongst the crew and cast. It really makes a difference when you have such a supportive and caring team to work with everyday.

How have you negotiated the male-dominated industry of filmmaking? .

I have always been in a male dominated environment and I just really make it a non-issue and always aspire to be on top of my game. I keep the mindset that my gender has nothing to do with whether I can do my job. When it boils down to it, I am a human helping other humans tell their stories regardless of race or gender.

What is the best/most helpful advice you’ve received or given for enduring these trying times?

Don’t worry about things you can’t change or have control over. This is probably going to be one of the few times where the whole world will be on a pause button. Embrace the great things that slowing down and reflection can bring at this time.

What are you watching/reading/listening to stay positive these days?

Watching a lot of live concerts and nostalgic comedy films/tv shows that make me laugh such as Seinfeld, Friends, Community, etc. Also started watching the show Hollywood which was shooting right across the street from my edit bay!

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