Emmy’s 2020: Andrew Cividino

Emmy winning Director Andrew Cividino on Schitt’s Creek.

DGC Ontario Director Andrew Cividino received his first Emmy win in the category of Outstanding Directing Comedy Series with Series Creator and Director Dan Levy for his work on Schitt’s Creek. We caught up with Andrew ahead of the Emmy’s broadcast and Schitt’s Creek historic Emmy win.

How does it feel to be nominated for your first Emmy for Schitt’s Creek?

I’m still in a state of disbelief! I remember hearing last year about the show’s first ever Emmy nominations, and that already seemed like such a feat for our little show. To have the show be nominated for 15 Emmys this year, including sharing one for Direction with Dan Levy, is a dream come true. And I really feel like the recognition belongs to all of us, because it was such a collective effort. Shout out to fellow director Jordan Canning for being such an incredible collaborator and pal throughout the final season.

What makes “Happy Ending” a stand out episode?

I think “Happy Ending” stands out because it completes the journey of emotional growth we’ve been on with these characters for six seasons, while at the same time staying true to the tone and spirit of the show. I also think the wedding between David and Patrick is special because it’s a simple, beautiful, and exceedingly normal expression of love between two people who happen to be men, and that is a lens through which I hope more and more stories will be told.

What is the most rewarding thing about Directing Schitt’s Creek?

The most rewarding thing about directing Schitt’s Creek was the opportunity to work with such an incredible cast and crew. There’s no such thing as an easy show to make, but the talent, work ethic, and kindness of the people I worked with made for a fun and gratifying experience, one that taught me a lot about how I want to continue approaching my own work.

What is the best thing about Directing in Toronto?

The best thing about directing in Toronto is getting to live in my favourite city, my home, while being able to work on world class content with the remarkable pool of talented people who also call Toronto home.

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