Episode 4: Fix It In Prep: Previsualizing With Virtual Production

In our Virtual Production episode, we sit down with Cinematographer Jeremy Benning (The Expanse, Condor), DGC Ontario VFX Supervisor Sumeet Vats (The Expanse, Dark Matter) and Pixomondo VFX &VAD Supervisor Nathaniel Larouche (Watchmen, The Umbrella Academy) to discuss this game-changing technology’s impact on craft, prep and the future of production.

Virtual production uses game engines like Unreal and Unity to create scenes across the physical and digital worlds. In contrast to traditional production techniques, VP encourages a more iterative, nonlinear, and collaborative process, gifting creatives with a “fix it in prep” approach to visualizing worlds conceptually before they are physically built.

Annie Bradley, Nathaniel LaRouche, Sumeet Vats and Jeremy Benning in Episode 4 of the Wider Lens Podcast

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