Episode 1: Guardians Of The Handmaid’s Tale

The Directors Guild of Canada in Ontario is proud to launch WIDER LENS; a new podcast that provides a unique opportunity for listeners to discover real stories from the film and television community.

Each episode will feature in-depth conversations with DGC Ontario Members and fellow creatives, allowing listeners to see the big picture behind their favourite productions. WIDER LENS is hosted by Director/Writer and DGC Ontario Executive Board Chair Annie Bradley and is available now wherever you listen to podcasts, in video and audio formats.

Wider Lens Podcast host Annie Bradley is interviewing Elisabeth Moss, Bruce Miller, Wendy Hallam Martin and Chris Donaldson.

The first episode of WIDER LENS, released today, centres around Hulu’s wildly successful series The Handmaid’s Tale. Guests Bruce Miller (Creator & Executive Producer), Elisabeth Moss (Director/EP/Actor), DGC Ontario Picture Editors Wendy Hallam Martin and Christopher Donaldson, and host Annie Bradley deep-dive into how this team collaborated to create the show’s most explosive season yet, nominated for a staggering 21 Emmy Awards.

“The world is changing, and so much is uncertain…except for our thirst for storytelling,” says host Annie Bradley. “Production is trending upwards in meteoric fashion across the globe, and it’s our mission to champion the brilliant creative voices we represent. What better way to do that than to have deep, insightful conversations about their life’s work delivered straight to your headphones?”

Episode 1 of Wider Lens is now available, wherever you listen to podcasts. Click and subscribe to the podcast on your preferred platform!

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WIDER LENS is aimed at the ears of showrunners and creatives searching for fresh voices and new vantage points, artists searching for like-minded makers, and film and TV buffs with a deep appreciation for how their favourite content is made. 

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