In our latest podcast episode, Stunt performer turned Director Tig Fong joins our host Annie Bradley for a conversation about their journey from stuntwork to directing on What We Do In The Shadows, publicly embracing their identity as a queer person of colour, and their personal mission to make the industry a more equitable place.

Tig’s journey has taken some interesting twists and turns. They began their career in Stunts 30 years ago but discovered a notable lack of diversity in the industry. From there, they had a mission: to challenge the status quo.

Tig has since earned nearly 100 credits as a Stunt Performer, Coordinator, and Choreographer on productions like 300, Scott Pilgrim VS. the World, The Boys, and most recently, all five seasons of What We Do In the Shadows. Eventually, they began helming full episodes as a Director on Seasons three and four. The show was nominated for seven Emmys this year, including Outstanding Comedy Series AND Tig’s first Emmy nom for Outstanding Stunt Coordination.

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