Catherine Reitman : Creativity And Motherhood

Director/Creator/ Showrunner of Workin’ Moms, Catherine Reitman chatted about how her own experience of motherhood feeds the creativity needed to run the hit comedy series.

l try to carve time out of each work day to do something creative and some days that is easier to do than others. (I would like to take this moment to thank schools, nannies and iPad for occupying my children just long enough for me to get things done!)

This show is based off of my experiences as a mother and the mommy landscape can be a tricky one because we all have our personal take on it. I am very proud of Workin’ Moms story lines regarding postpartum depression, the reality of meeting your idols (Victoria Stromanger) and abortion. My goal is to tell the stories of these characters as specifically and as authentically as I can.

Catherine’s advice to fellow female filmmakers who might be struggling with finding their creative spark again after having kids

You must carry on! Even if it feels like failing (which it will), you must continue to water the plant that you nurtured prior to having children. It is your responsibility (whether it is professional or personal) to keep thriving. Your children will grow up to respect you for it… And have rich subject matter to discuss with their future therapists!

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