2019 Emmy’s: Dean O’Dell

Production Designer Dean O’Dell on his Emmy nomination for The Man In High Castle.

DGC Ontario Production Designer Dean O’Dell is nominated for a 2019 Emmy Award for Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Period or Fantasy Program for his work on The Man In The High Castle episode Now More Than Ever, We Care About You. We spoke with Dean about his first Emmy nomination and designing for the show.

An elaborate set of the Denver saloon for The Man In The High Castle

How does it feel to be nominated for your first Emmy?

Awesome! Amazing and feeling very blessed!

What makes Now More Than Ever, We Care About You a stand out episode?

The second season premiere opened up the worlds of The Reich, JPS States and the Neutral Zone / Denver. 

This episode focuses on a deeper development of character and story. The sets created for this episode are world class from the New York apartment (new home of the Smith family) to the Denver palace bar/saloon. 

The detail and life given to each and every set in this episode is incredible and impossible to summarize in a few words. In short, this episode is a visual extravaganza enveloped within a complete storytelling experience.

A set of the New York apartment lobby for The Man In The High Castle

What is the most rewarding thing about designing The Man In The High Castle?

To see how the various departments bring their A Game from concept to creation.

The set of the New York apartment bedroom for The Man In The High Castle

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