Podcast Episode 8: White Noise’s Matt Hannam Talks Picture Editing

Picture Editor Matt Hannam recently wrapped Noah Baumbach’s White Noise. On our latest podcast episode, Matt talks “editor’s intuition,” why he vibrates towards distinct creative voices, and how he’s built an international career on the creative chemistry shared with some of the most respected directors on the planet.

In this episode of Wider Lens, we sit down with DGC Ontario Picture Editor Matt Hannam. Matt’s career has spanned from indie arthouse films like Swiss Army Man and Enemy to cerebral horror like Possessor and It Comes At Night. His latest feature is Director Noah Baumbach’s 80’s-set black comedy White Noise, opening theatrically on November 25th and streaming on Netflix December 30th. 

Hailing from Winnipeg, Matt came up through the ranks collaborating with iconic Winnipeg filmmaker Guy Maddin. Since then, he’s worked with the likes of Denis Villeneuve, The Daniels, and Brandon Cronenberg: Directors renowned for their idiosyncratic style. Matt has made a career out of complimenting these Auteur-driven stories with his adaptive approach to cutting film. 

Join us as we explore how “Editor’s intuition” can compliment a Director’s tone and style, why Matt vibrates towards these distinctive voices, and how he’s built an international career as a result of his creative chemistry with some of the most respected Directors on the planet.

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