Canadian Cinema Editors Award Nominations

We would like to congratulate all of the DGC Ontario Picture Editor Members nominated for a Canadian Cinema Editors Award, especially Ron Sanders, who will be receiving the 2022 CCE Lifetime Achievement Award.

Best Editing in Animation

Roderick Deogrades – Charlotte

Best Editing in Documentary Feature

Ben Lawrence – My Tree

Omar Majeed – This Stained Dawn 

Best Editing in Docu-series / Docu-drama / Factual

Eamonn O’Connor – For Heaven’s Sake: Ep.01 – The Disappearance 

Peter Denes – Dark Side of the 90’s: Ep.102 – The Viper Room: Hollywood Sanctuary 

Best Editing in Lifestyle / Competition / Reality

Swapna Mella – The Great Canadian Baking Show: Cake Week

Best Editing in a Live Action Family Series or MOW

Chris Mutton – Holly Hobbie: Ep.303 – The Posing Performer 

Courtney Goldman – Ghostwriter: Ep.13 – The Ghostwriter Part 3  

Best Editing in MOW / Mini-Series

Matthew Hannam – The North Water: Ep.02 – We Men Are Wretched Things 

Best Editing in a Short Film

Anna Catley – Little Bird

Cam McLauchlin – Together

Best Editing in TV Comedy

Craig Webster & Sam Thomson – Sort Of: Ep.108 – Sort Of Back Again 

Sam Thomson – Sort Of: Ep.101 – Sort Of Gone

Best Editing in TV Drama

Ana Yavari – The Handmaid’s Tale: Ep.407 – Home 

Christopher Donaldson – The Handmaid’s Tale: Ep.409 – Progress

Wendy Hallam Martin – The Handmaid’s Tale: Ep.403 – The Crossing 

Best Editing in Web Series / Digital Content

Chris Mutton – The Communist’s Daughter: Ep.01 – Opium For The Masses 

Shelley Therrien – Something Undone: Ep.101 – Two Minutes and Forty-Nine Seconds  

Lifetime Achievement Award

Ron Sanders

*This list reflects 2022 Canadian Cinema Editors nominations for DGC Ontario Members nominated on DGC signatory productions, DGC dispensation productions and DGC Ontario Members working outside Ontario.

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