Emmy’s 2020: Paul Winestock

Emmy nominated Picture Editor Paul Winestock on Schitt’s Creek.

DGC Ontario Picture Paul Winestock received his first Emmy nomination in the category of Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series for his work on Schitt’s Creek. We caught up with Trevor ahead of the Creative Arts Emmy’s virtual broadcast.

How does it feel to be nominated for your first Emmy for Schitt’s Creek?

I feel a bit of disbelief about my nomination, and absolutely thrilled. My episode is competing with some fantastic shows with fantastic editing talent… and somehow I’m in their midst?! Humbled, to say the least. I received an email from a wonderful editor I have never met competing in a different category, saying how much he loved the show. I felt immensely proud of my work and of course the show and very grateful for his email… what a nice gesture!

What makes “Start Spreading the News” a stand out episode?

The challenge in editing Schitt’s Creek is blending the heartfelt moments with the comedy and still keeping the scenes feeling natural. revor, Dan, Eugene and I worked closely to bring this to fruition. This episode is where most of the characters find closure and the actors gave so much emotional depth in their performances. So, in this episode, it was that much more challenging to find  balance  between the pathos and the comedy. Dan and Eugene never did comedy just for yuks; if it broke the honesty of that character it wouldn’t stay in the edit, so the comedy had to come from a natural place. Also, as with most episodes of Schitt’s, one of the challenges was figuring out – amidst all the gold – what to trim out in order to get to the Broadcast 1/2 hr.

What is the most rewarding thing about editing Schitt’s Creek?

Every day was hard work and rewarding, knowing that we were making a great show as good as it can be, without compromise. I was very proud of our efforts and immensely proud of the warm, friendly tone and the progressive content of the show. My kids watched the show (voluntarily) and loved it! How cool is that?! And of course, to have the opportunity to sit in an edit room for 3 seasons with Dan and Eugene and collaborate with them and learn from them was absolutely a career highlight. And, working with my friend Trevor Ambrose again. Trevor is such a smart Editor, who cares about every edit, and from whom I also learned.

What do you love most about working in Toronto?

I love the editing community in Toronto. We support each other, even while competing for jobs. We have some of the best Editors, Assistant Editors, Post Supers and Sound Editors in the WORLD! No exaggeration.

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